BAS is a friendly welcoming society of approximately 60 like
minded people of varying levels of expertise and ages. Our twice monthly regular meetings held south of Basingstoke cover both the practical and theoretical aspects of astronomy.
You don't have to be a member to come along and see what we get up to.

We meet at Cliddesden Primary School, Cliddesden, RG25 2QU.  on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month apart from July and August when there are no scheduled monthly meetings.

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Chairmans Lego model of the European Extremely Large Telescope

Next Events

Our next event on Thursday 17th April at Cliddesden school. This will be a main meeting and we are delighted to have Hugh Allen coming to speak to us about "Cracking Starlights Hidden Code", a talk about spectroscopy. Hugh is a career scientist with a lifelong interest in amateur astronomer.

Hugh  says "A spectrum is worth a thousand pictures. There is a code hidden in the light around us and it is revealed by spreading the light into its spectrum with a spectroscope. Spectroscopy was once the domain of professional astronomers, but advances in the equipment and a reduction in the cost are bringing it well within the reach of amateurs." I look forward to welcoming Hugh to our warm and friendly society and hope many of you can join us there.

Messier Marathon Report

26th March 2017

Dear Messier Marathon Astronomers,

A big thank you to all those that came along yesterday evening and through the night. It was a very successful event and it would seem from the laughter and jokes, a fun night too.

We topped out at 17 Astronomers coming and going over the night probably due to the clear skies. We had a record number of new members attend and I do hope our longer term members were able to help you all. I myself was helped by Mark who was extremely kind in running back and forth to his house in the village to collect all the things I had forgot, so my thanks to him.

I personally bagged a mere 61 objects. Chatting to others, problems with my initial setup of the equipment and performing taxi duty to my daughter at midnight affected my count. I know for sure others were more successful with Kieth and Chris I believe grabbing in excess of 80 objects! Well done guys.

The night was cold and slightly windy to start, easing off after midnight. It was a great pleasure when Ian turned up, all the way from Camberly with hot hamburgers and pies! The group all too briefly came together around a borrowed wooden table to chat, eat and exchange challenges with equipment, before drifting off back to small areas of grass that were to be home for the rest of the night.

Not withstanding the clocks changing, nobody noticed the stars jumping to keep up with our peculiar change of time as the extra hour sprung forward at 1am. The final 5, Chris, Kieth, Alan, JBS and myself packed up around 4pm to head home for Mothers Day for some and just a long sleep for others.

Thank you once again to all, you are the ones that make these events successful and I look forward to knowing who bagged the most Messier objects for this 2017 Messier Marathon?

Clear Skies

Dave Shave-Wall
Basingstoke Astronomical Society