Welcome to the Basingstoke Astronomical Society (BAS)

BAS is a friendly and welcoming society of approximately 60 like-minded individuals with varying levels of expertise and ages. Our twice-monthly regular meetings, held in the southern part of Basingstoke, cover both practical and theoretical aspects of astronomy.

Topics of Interest:


BAS members enjoying a Summer BBQ , 2023

Basingstoke Astronomical Society Meetings at Cliddesden Primary School

📅 Meeting Schedule:

Meeting Times:


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Feel free to join us at our next gathering! Whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast or just curious, everyone is welcome. 🌠

We are currently on our summer break, meeting will commence on 12th September 2024.


Visiting Our Meetings

🌟 Welcome! Visitors are encouraged to attend our meetings and explore the fascinating world of astronomy. Here are some important details:

Feel free to join us at our next gathering! 🌠

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