Welcome Imagers !

BAS has a very active imaging group of some 15 astrophotographers. Below you will find a link to the astronomy software used by many of our members, presentations given by our members on various aspects of astrophotography and in future much much more. But first a really good Astrophotography magazine........

Click Here for Astronomy Software

Presentation by Mark Roberts on a custom web page detailing the status of the current imaging session.

Presentation by Mark Roberts on SGPro 2.4 image capture suite.

Presentation by Mark Roberts on his temperature and humidity monitoring solution.

Presentation by Mark Roberts on his personal setup.

Many of the imagers within the BAS group use PixInsight. Recently Dave Shave-Wall & John Murphy gave live tutorials of their personal workflows and how to use the software. Below is a presentation based on the workflow along with the Process Icons file for loading into PixInsight (see bottom of the page).

Dave's PixInsight Workspace 1 & 2 View

Below are two Pixinsight Process Icon files. One is from Dave Shave-Wall and the other from John Murphy.

Save the attached .xpsm to your computer. To load the process icons, right click on the PixInsight background, and select: Process Icons -> Load Process Icons...

Open either John MurphySLRprocessing.xpsm or Pixinsight DSW Process Icons.xpsm

For John's process icon file only :

To see the notes, right click on the process icon, and select:

'Edit Instance Information...'

(the option just below 'Edit Instance Source Code...')

To execute the process icon, either drag the icon straight onto the image, or double click on it to open it, modify to suit, then drag the little blue triangle at the bottom left corner onto the image.

Presentation by Mil Dave on adding scripts to Pixinsight.

See PowerPoint Show file below: